Appliance Repair FAQs

In order to save your time and efforts we give here clear answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us for further information.

  • What does a Service Call include and what are the rates of that?

    Service Call includes three components: professional diagnosis of your appliance, determination of the problem and transport costs to get to your place. Once the diagnosis is performed we will provide you with our recommendations and the complete and final costs for repair. VERY IMPORTANT! If you continue with us and let us fix your appliance then the Service Call is NOT subject to charge. In case you need time to make your decision or wish to search for parts by yourself the rates of the Service Call as below: Standard brands $ 85 Elite brands $ 95

  • Do you have all necessary parts for all appliances? How long will I have to wait for my parts?

    In our warehouse we do have a wide range of parts needed to repair almost any appliance. Moreover, our techs bring necessary parts with them when visiting you based on the information you give us over the phone. However, if a repair part is rare or your appliance’s breakdown is combined, we will need some time to order the right parts. Usually it takes from 1 to 3 business days to have your part arrived and then the repair will be finished.

  • How long does it usually take you to get to the spot?

    Usually it takes us just ONE hour to get to your place and find the problem with your appliance. Otherwise you can schedule our visit at any convenient for you time and we will be there right when you wish.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Absolutely. We offer 60-days warranty for parts and a 60-days warranty for labor. In case a part installed by us is misfunctioning ABV will repair or replace the part for free.

  • Is your business insured?

    Yes. Each occurrence is insured for $ 500,000.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes. Each occurrence is insured for $ 500,000.

  • Is anyone shall be at home while your repairing?

    Yes. And please note, it shall be an adult (18+) person legally eligible to make decisions and sign documents. Thank you.

  • Do you operate in my location?

    Our services cover greater DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia). You can find all specific locations on Areas page.

  • What methods of payments are available?

    Available methods of payments are cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, any debit cards with the Visa/MasterCard logo. With credit card payments we do not charge any additional convenience fee. We do not accept American express.

  • How about purchasing or selling appliances? New or used ones?

    No way. We provide solely repair services. But we can suggest.

  • Can you inform me when you arrive?

    Sure. First of all, we strictly keep on 2-hours window of arrival. Secondly, we use Jobber system – one of the most advanced and smartest business systems. It sends you cellphone text and email notifications when: a) the appointment is scheduled, b) the tech is on his route to the client (“omw” response) and c) when the appointment is rescheduled as agreed by the client. Additionally, our specialist calls the client prior to visit and specifies the time of arrival.

  • I do not know if my appliance is repairable.

    We will perform the comprehensible diagnosis and make a professional conclusion if your appliance is repairable or it is better to purchase a new one. Our techs are well-trained and experience with 10-20 years relevant background in service industry. In case you decide not to proceed with our service and replace your appliance, only diagnosis fee or service call will be charged.

  • Can you repair my appliance the same day?

    In most cases – yes. Our techs trucks are fully equipped with all necessary parts exactly for this purpose. However, there are rare combined causes of breakdowns and we must order special parts from our suppliers. Normally it takes only 1- 5 days to have them delivered and complete the repair.

  • My manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect. Do you provide warranty works?

    No. We do not do either manufacturer’s warranty works or cooperate any insurance companies. You shall contact your appliance’s seller or directly the manufacturer.

  • Can you bill me?

    Only the following methods of payments are available and only at the time of service: check, credit card, cash. In case of cash payments please make sure to have the exact amount since our tech might not have change. Credit cards are also accepted over the phone.