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Our repair Gallery is an online showroom where you can see the process of repairs of appliances. We pay special attention to keep our clients confident about the high quality of services rendered, therefore from the very beginning of our cooperation you can be certain of advanced level of our works.

Refrigerator Repair

GE Refrigerator not cooling?

When GE refrigerator suddenly stops cooling, it may indicate several problems. First of all, we recommend unplug fridge for a couple of minutes, then plug in back, maybe it will help for you...

Dryer Repair

LG Dryer Does Not Turn On?

When LG dryer does not turn On, it may indicate several problems:...

Refrigerator Repair

Kenmore Refrigerator not cooling?

When Kenmore refrigerator suddenly stops cooling, it may indicate compressor failure. This is very common among older compressors released before 2019. Extremely important to find the right contractor for Kenmore compressor replacement. Why?


The door is loosely closed

This model of refrigerator has flipper installed on the left door. It is attached on three hinges. One of the hinges was broken and the door didn’t close well. The repair did not take much time and was very inexpensive.